Faye and Daniel

Beautiful weather, beautiful venue, beautiful couple...

Fiona and James

Beautiful wedding at the Royal Shakespeare Company for a beautiful couple. The air was thick with love!

Nicola and Kevin

Lucy & Nick

The most anticipated wedding of the year. Congratulations Lucy & Nick. Thanks for hiring me, it was an honour and a privilege.

Nicola & Richard

I'm fairly convinced that Nicola and Richard smile during their sleep!

Pru & Guy

Stephanie & Raphael

Nicola & Matthew

Stunning day, ludicrously happy Bride and Groom. What more could I wish for....

Becky & Simon

Not even a crazy Bridesmaid armed with a pint of Guinness could dampen Becky and Simons' spirits.... 

Caroline & Ian

Caroline and Ian really know how to party. Never seen a Conga at a wedding before! 

Candice & Mike

A multi-cultural wedding with an international cast. Enjoyed myself so much I did't want to go home. In the end I was bounced by a bridesmaid!